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We assist in the purchase of off the plan apartments and houses in Melbourne

The amount of new, off the plan apartments and houses is growing in Melbourne, as new developments pop up across the city. Many buyers are enticed by the fact they will be the first to live in the property and have control over the colour scheme and finishes. Alternatively, investors love the great return on investment, the possibility of earning a stable rental income, and the stamp duty saving on purchase.

However, despite the plentiful benefits, great care is required when purchasing an investment property off the plan in Melbourne, as essentially it is an unseen entity.

For those not trained or experienced in reading plans and specifications, the process can be very difficult and you can end up signing up for a property that is not what you expected, nor what you wanted.

Melbourne Investment Solutions takes the stress and hassle out of buying off the plan houses and apartments in Melbourne. All of our staff possess years of building experience and are proficient in reading plans. They know what to look out for to ensure the property you are buying is exactly what you expect. We source properties that offer capital investment, as well as substantial rental yield. The number one rule we follow when assisting clients to buy off the plan is to ensure you are working with reputable builders and developers who have a proven track record in terms of quality, budget and timing.

The benefits of buying off the plan apartments and houses in Melbourne

Lock in price

Despite the property being built in the future, the buyer only has to pay the current market price at the time of the plans.

Low initial capital outlay for securing a high value asset

Buying off the plan gives you time to organise your finances. Only an initial deposit is required to secure the property and a full payment is needed once the property is completed.

Property value increase

Within the time your property takes to build it can experience market growth. Many Melbourne Investment Solutions clients have already experienced this first hand.

Tax advantage

It is possible to claim depreciation on your tax for a range of items including fittings and fixtures. Melbourne Investment Solutions can help you to arrange a depreciation schedule for your accountant.

Stamp duty

When you buy off the plan, you can enjoy certain bonuses and reductions in stamp duty in Victoria. This can save you thousands of dollars.


Buying a property off the plan allows you to put your own personal touch upon the property. From personal options for colours and finishes, your new property will reflect your tastes.

If you would like to buy off the plan apartments or houses in Melbourne, contact Melbourne Investment Solutions for further information.


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